Cali Conscious

We are thrilled to present to you Justin Ratowsky from the band Cali Conscious. The vision: to organize a once a month beach clean up. We love people who strive to help make the earth a better place, with cleaner beaches, and we know a lot of you are interested in this. We encourage you to contact Justin for more information to help or how he can help you. Music band doing beach clean ups – a perfect combination!

Name: Justin Ratowsky

Tell us about what you can offer students: Hello Students! I am a UCSB alumni graduating class of 2010. Since graduating I have been a full time musician performing in venues up and down the coast of California.

My vision is to create a once a month beach clean up where individuals in beach cities along the entire coast of California come together to simultaneously clean our entire coast once a month.

My band Cali Conscious will be touring the coast spreading awareness about our non-profit organization Cali Conscious Collective, which will be created to bring awareness to the importance of reducing our single-use plastics.

We are a grass roots organization fuzing art, photography, music, and social media to help spread our message.

We are looking for individuals with an affinity to the ocean who are passionate about preserving our environment for future generations. Through our once a month beach clean up/jam sessions we will be making a difference in local communities in California.

We are currently working on building our website and our social media platform. Our band Cali Conscious is working on recording our first full length album this summer.

If you are interested in getting involved reach out to


What type of business are you?: Individual


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