Blog #1- Putting Ideas Into Action

How Do We Plan an Idea?

Plan an Idea with Careful Thought

Though this may sound like an obvious statement, putting a lot of thought into an idea is harder then it seems. Sit down with your group members and go over various ideas until you reach your final conclusion and mission statement. Take precaution of how active your group members are willing to put forth their thoughts. Each member should speak, and each member should be on board with the groups goals. Leaving people out weakens group objectives.


Try putting things in a different perspective. To achieve this, you need a diverse group of people as part of your project. You need to have people who are very well rounded in the area that you are trying to reach. Each person in the group should bring something unique and creative to the table.

The Past, Present, and Future

Ask group members about past events. Were they successful, ineffective, or both? Have people who think about the past events put forth their ideas. This will spark innovative ideas for the future of the group group in hopes of furthering your forthcoming plans. In addition, the people who are grounded in the present can remind the group bring you back to reasons as to why certain projects won’t work for your cause. This discussion is similar to playing devil’s advocate as it balances the pros and cons to each idea suggested. Practice group exercises in doing this, have some members think of the present and some the past. Take turns, and run through all of the ideas the group has come up with.

Be interactive

Making your group interactive is important in brainstorming potential projects: it makes the process easier and more efficient. However, you want the entire group to be at ease when presenting their ideas. Be interactive while bringing a sense of comfort to your group. Precaution: Watch out for getting caught up in the moment and straying from the subject. Group bonding should be part of brainstorming, but shouldn’t detract from it.

We hope these first steps help you with figuring out your fundraising goals!

By Lilliana Karadavoukian

Edited June 3, 2012 by Priyanka Raj


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