Santa Barbara Media Group (SBMG)

Name: Santa Barbara Media Group

About: We are UC Santa Barbara’s advertising agency. We market Santa Barbara businesses and provide a hands-on advertising learning experience for members.

Founded: 2007

Members: Over 30 members for every quarter, typically about 5 per client – a Manager, 2 Planners, a Graphic Artist, and a client services person.

Mission: Our mission is to educate our members and provide them with creative, analytical, and practical work experience to prepare them for their future careers. We are committed to satisfying our clients’ UCSB advertising and marketing needs.

Description: We are a nonprofit organization that provides local businesses and campus organizations a cost-effective way to reach the UCSB community.

Not only do we have special access to advertise on the otherwise highly restricted UCSB campus, but we also have comprehensive, first-hand knowledge of our target audience.

Tell us about your funding goals? We are UCSB’s student run advertising agency. We give students creative marketing experiences, and let them deal with clients and marketing for clients.

What are we interested in? Getting more speakers, having more funds to give our students more creative professional experiences. We like to teach our students about marketing, career building, networking, LinkedIn, how to start businesses, and anything related to the marketing/advertising world.

Tell us about the opportunities you have available? We hire about 30 UCSB students every year (and anywhere from 0-10 every quarter depending on interest). We look for student who are serious about learning marketing and advertising skills, being career oriented, and driven to put time into our organization.

Past clients include:

  • SB Zoo
  • SB Menus
  • SB Botanic Gardens
  • Simply Pies
  • Isla Vista Screen Printing
  • Colleen Elizabeth Salon
  • Caje
  • O-Street Truck
  • Coffee Collaborative
  • Barkback
  • Grafikart
  • Classwave
  • EasyCollegeLiving

Find us at:





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