Donation for Education

Donation for Eduation is a wonderful group that aims to help local elementary schools get the supplies they need. They support students and their teachers, and aim to have supply drives to aid students when budget cuts take away the resources they need.

Group Name: Donation for Education


Tell us about your funding goals?: As a project for our ED 173 course, our group decided to help our local elementary schools by having a school supply drive. With the current budget cuts, many schools are not getting an efficient amount of funding for supplies, and as a result, teachers are asked to purchase what is needed for the classroom. Isla Vista Elementary School and Harding University Partnership School have both generously asked for supplies to help their classrooms and programs. We hope to raise enough money to get the schools what they have asked for! By providing materials to the classrooms, we can enhance a child’s educational experience!

Tell us about the opportunities you have available?: Our group is having a fundraiser on Friday, June 1st, 2012 at Rosaritos and Deja Vu in Isla Vista. The event is from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and we will get about 15% of the proceeds. Those who attend our fundraiser will have to write down their name and the amount spent on a form that will be available near the cashier. Come enjoy a tasty meal with your friends at one of these popular restaurants in IV. We would love to see everyone there! Thank you for your support!


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